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Bell Tower Level System – Choose Your Stylist
Our hair stylists are masters in their fields and are vigorously evaluated for proficiency before earning a position and title on the Bell Tower Team. Our unique Level System measures the experience, education, and skill set of each stylist and assigns them a title of either Resident, Artisan, or Master Stylist. Pricing is based on the stylist’s current level, all of whom have proven themselves to be beyond qualified to deliver exceptional results.

Resident (R): Much like doctors who spend their resident years mastering their craft, the Bell Tower Residents spend their time executing a myriad of beautiful foundational hair styling techniques. Residents have proven their proficiency in hair styling and customer service and have successfully passed our vigorous vetting process. As part of the continuous training all our stylists receive, Residents also train under leading haircare talents like those from our Oribe, R+Co, and Wella vendors.

Artisan (A): At the second level are the premier talents of our Artisans—an exclusive group of Bell Tower stylists. Artisans are extremely proficient in the arts of hair styling, media, fashion shows, and photo shoots. Artisans are also responsible for using their extensive experience to help shape and teach the education program for our Residents. Each of these stylists continues to collaborate with various top-tier haircare professionals and are always available to provide you, our esteemed guests, with flawless beauty results.

Master (M): The Bell Tower Masters group are our top tier in experience, talent, and education. These stylists help lead in-house training programs, attend extensive training sessions, and form close partnerships with industry leaders to bring the latest trends to our salon. Bell Tower Masters represent the highest level of elite hair care expertise, skill, and customer satisfaction.

  Resident Artisan Master
Shampoo & Blowout
$35+ $40+ $45+
Men's Haircut
$37+ $48+ $60+
Children's Haircut
$32+ $42+ $50+
$63+ $80+ $90+
$74+ $90+ $102+
Balayage / Ombre
$130+ $140+ $155+
Women’s Haircut
$42+ $58+ $70+
Elegant Style
$45+ $55+ $65+
Smoothing and Straightening Treatments
Featuring a “Super Nutrient Complex,” this smoothing treatment works wonders for any hair type. Especially ideal for those with coarse, curly or frizzy hair types, this treatment is unique in that it actually customizes itself to your hair. Thick, wiry hair will feel more manageable, brittle hair will feel stronger and thicker, and frizzy hair will look and feel smooth, soft, and incredibly silky.

A smoothing treatment may take up to 2 hours and can last up to 12 weeks with proper care. Price and treatment determined upon consultation.
Demineralization Treatment
VitaShot Enhancement

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