Mother's Day Weekend 2018 at Bell Tower Salon Spa - Call 610.372.6379 to reserve your spot for events

Posted on May 8, 2018 by Bell Tower



Thursday - Spa Ritual

Join Author and SpaRitual Founder, Shel Pink, to learn about the healing benefits

of SpaRitual’s Earl Grey Body Collection and how to design a personal self-care

practice with her book, Slow Beauty in this unique Tea. Talk. Experience.

The discussion kicks off at 5pm sharp and will end at 6pm, another class to resume shortly after the first.


Friday – Customer Appreciation

While enjoying your services that evening with us, from 5pm to 7pm, Bell Tower will be discounting products… deals will be swift and various!

Enjoy wine and cheese pairings courtesy of Bell Tower, we want you to feel like queens (and Kings)!


Saturday – Pilates

Pound: Rockout. Workout.

Channel your inner rockstar with this exhilarating jam session inspired by drumming.  POUND combines cardio conditioning and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements while rocking out to your favorite music! It is designed for all fitness levels and for people of all ages and abilities.

 *This class is paired with complimentary mimosas


Sunday – Yoga with Building 7 Yoga

Mommy & Me Yoga

Mommy & Me yoga is the perfect way to spend some time with your children. Be guided through a class that will allow you to not only enjoy your yoga practice, but also share it with your favorite little one. Love, laughter and playfulness are sure to light up the room!

 We ask that you only bring children between 3 and 5 years old.

*This class can begin at 8am or 9am, and is paired with complimentary mimosas


Vinyasa Yoga

BLDG. 7 Yoga will lead you through a gentle based Vinyasa class. This nurturing flow will leave you feeling refreshed and stress free. Suitable for any level of practice with an emphasis on breathe work, meditation and proper alignment. Appropriate for all students, even beginners. These classes are still physically challenging but in a way that speaks to the practitioner looking for mental, emotional and spiritual strength.

*This class can begin at 8am or 9am, and is paired with complimentary mimosas