Dr. Henriette Alban Seminar

Posted on April 25, 2016 by Bell Tower

Have you been searching for a way to improve your health and wellbeing? Please join Bell Tower in welcoming Dr. Henriette Alban on Monday, May 16th at 6 PM in the main building for a seminar on the insights and approaches that keep your body well cared for. From gargling in the shower (excellent for the brain) to caring for your beautiful feet, we discuss how to take advantage of this essential knowledge. Your take away is body care tools that you didn't have before and that give you a footing in why this knowledge is essential to high vitality and longevity. You will see that it reaches far inside your body to provide you with true and lasting wellness.


Dr. Alban's holistic naturopathic (natural medicine) work shines a light on the interactions between mind, body and spirit and opens our eyes to how completely everything about us is connected to everything else. Easy and enjoyable to follow practices and tools are offered in this interactive talk.


Born and raised in Switzerland to health conscious parents, Dr. Alban was engaged in corporate work in art, banking, cosmetics and personal development, while also pursuing energy and body work and studies of various wellness methodologies. She earned her diploma as Doctor of Naturopathy in 1997.


Please call Robin at 610.372.6379 ext 233 or email robin@belltowersalonspa.com to register.


All attendees can register for a wellness session with Dr. Alban and a Bell Tower wellness professional.