Dr. Henriette Alban Consultation

Posted on June 8, 2016 by Bell Tower

Living In Balance Programs at Bell Tower


Jump start to Living in Balance Program - $159.00

 Program includes Supplements/Loofah/Body Wrap


Living In Balance Enhancements - $185.00 (in series)

One hour Massage - moving lymph and tissues to invite a deeper cleansing experience

2  30 minute reflexology treatments - highly beneficial to enhance the release of toxins

2 infra-red sauna treatments - important anti inflammatory responses   and deep tissue effects taken at different times during the 7 day cleanse.



Living in Balance: One hour session with Dr. Henriette Alban ND 

This one time consultation at $75 can be added at any time and for any part of the program/series for as long as the client is engaged in the detox program or within 30 days of purchasing any part of the program.

A consultation with Dr. Alban, ND is particularly helpful for people who have specific concerns and questions about doing a cleanse and detoxifying the body; they may have special dietary issues and questions, or may wish to consult on personal health matters they are dealing with. As an attentive listener and intuitive observer, Dr. Alban takes her time with her clients. With a truly holistic approach to natural wellness, she works with all of you not just your diagnosis or the part where the 'problem' is. Such an approach includes your emotions, your life situation, if you are in the middle of change, and how you relate to yourself and to those around you.

Any part of this program can be taken alone and in concert with the beneficial bodywork such as reflexology and whole body massage, which greatly enhance the body's ability to release waste and toxins through the skin and the lymphatic system. For a limited time only.



To schedule please call 610-372-6379 or for more information regarding Dr. Henriette Alban please visit her website www.henriettealban.com